Konda family, Challa Dharma Reddy battle it out in Warangal

Wed Jan 26 2022 13:00:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A fierce war of words is ensuing between Warangal’s Konda couple  and TRS MLA Dharma Reddy in the North Telangana district of Warangal.  The Konda couple, who are now in the Congress, are at loggerheads with TRS MLA Challa Dharma Reddy.

The war of words led to TRS activists damaging the Samadhi of Konda Murali’s parents in Agrahampad village of Atmakur mandal in Warangal district.  The Congress activists reached the spot and tried to stop the TRS activists.  As a result, a tense situation prevailed in Agrahampad. Later, Konda Surekha rushed to the spot to pay her respects to the Samadhi of her in-laws. She said that the samadhis were attacked at the behest of MLA Dharma Reddy.

She said that the people would teach a befitting lesson to Dharma Reddy at the hustings. She said Dharma Reddy’s political rise was due to the Konda family’s support. She reminded Challa that he could win only because the Konda family was not in the fray.  She said that the Konda family would now wage a relentless battle to unseat Dharma Reddy.

Not to be outdone, Dharma Reddy too  said that there was progress in Agrahampad only after the TRS came to power. He said the Konda family did nothing for the village and the mandal all these years . He said that the Konda family had been defeated by lock stock and barrel from the constituency. He said that he would politically decimate the Konda family.