Koneru Hampy Is Now World Rapid Champion

Sun Dec 29 2019 13:15:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Koneru Hamsy emerged as the winner of Women's World Rapid Chess Championship which concluded in Moscow on Saturday. This could be termed as the Master Of All Comebacks...Why because, Hampy stopped playing Chess for close to two years (2016-2018) due to pregnancy and motherhood. In just one year after making a comeback, The Champion Player bagged a prestigious title.

Most of the crucial games were decided only on the final day. Final Round began with Lei Tingjie leading with 9/11, Followed by Tan Zhongyi with 8.5 and Five Players including Hampy have 8 points each. On the board two in the final round, Tan Zhongyi offered to draw but Hampi refused it straightaway. In the end, Zhongyi committed a mistake due to the pressure mounting on her and Hampy capitalised on it to become a champion.

Actually, All that Lei Tingjie need is a draw in the final round to bag the title. Much to the shock of the Chinese Player, Atalik won this round by a big margin.
Eventually, Tingjie, Atalik and Humpy had a tie at the top place. Finally, Humpy had the last laugh in the stiff competition. 'Its beyond my expectations. My goal was to be in Top 3 when I played the first game on Day 3. I had a comfortable win in the final game,' says the Champion.

FIDA Women's World Rapid Championship, a 12-round Swiss Tournament, was conducted in Moscow from December 26th to 28th.