'Krishna' Does What Government Would Not Do

Wed Aug 14 2019 22:16:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

What the state government could not do all these days,  the Krishna river did it in just one hour. Yes. We are talking about Chandrababu Naidu, who sits tight in the Lingamaneni guesthouse inside the embankment of Krishna river on the Undavalli side. Heavy inflows have made the flood waters enter into the guesthouse and Chandrababu may well have to vacate his residence anytime. The furniture and other belongings have been moved to the top floor of the building. Similarly, Chandrababu's convoy has been shifted to a safer place.

Chandrababu refused to vacate the building and wanted to make a big issue out of the government's attempt to vacate him. It was an open secret that the building was constructed inside the river embankment in violation of the rules. It was also clear that the building would be flooded if there are heavy inflows into Krishna river. Chandrababu tried to browbeat everyone and has even thrown the notices given by the National Environmental Board into the dust bin. He is even planning to approach the court on the issue.

Now, with the floods, Chandrababu stands thoroughly exposed. He will now have to do a lot of explaining.