See Who Is Most Worried After Karnataka Bypoll Results?

Wed Nov 07 2018 09:55:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Lok Sabha bypolls may have brought cheers to the Opposition camp, but there is one man who is most worried despite his party winning the bypolls. It is Chief Minister Kumara Swamy. He has won one MLA seat, while the Congress has won two MP seats and one MLA seat. In effect, it is more a victory of the Congress than the alliance. The Congress has now become stronger and can wean away some MLAs from the JDS and unseat him. This possibility is giving him jitters.

Remember at a recent meeting, JDS leader and chief minister Kumara Swami said amid tears that only Congress was happy with the alliance and not the JDS. This teary eyed comment has exposed the tensions within the JDS-Congress alliance. It also laid bare the Congress Party's plans to wrest control of the Government. Even former CM Siddaramaiah had said that the support to the JDS was not forever.

There are also reports that the Congress is trying to lure some BJP MLAs into its fold. If it manages to do that, then it can very well form the government. This is Kumaraswamy's biggest worry.

But, what about the alliances in Telangana? There are still simmering tensions. The alliance is unnatural given the ideological diversity in the partners. The CPI has already announced its list and even before the seat sharing is finalized, there are tensions. In AP, it is interesting and quite surprising to see that it is the ruling party which is seeking an alliance partner. Usually, the opposition unites to unseat the party in power. In AP, it is the other way round. The ruling TDP is embracing its arch rival Congress to win the elections.  Political pundits predict a divorce soon after marriage.