Karnataka Drama: Parties Hide Their MLAs, Seek Other's MLAs

Sat Jul 13 2019 11:42:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

The political developments in Karnataka are changing every moment. With Chief Minister Kumaraswamy declaring on the floor of the house on Friday that he was ready for a show of strength on the floor of the assembly, the things have changed suddenly. Now, every party is trying to protect its MLAs and to ensure that no one crosses over to other party.

The JDS MLAs have been shifted  to Goldshire resorts in Devanahalli area of Nandi Hills, while the Congress has taken its MLAs to Star Hotels. The BJP, which too was alarmed by the reports that the JDU is in touch with some of its MLAs, has taken its MLAs to Ramada Sai Leela hotel in Rajanakunte that belongs to a close friend of Union Minister Sadananda Gowda.  The government is now placed in a very precarious position what with 16 Congress MLAs and 2 independents resigning.

The BJP is slightly disappointed by the Supreme Court's directive to maintain status quo in Karnataka assembly till Tuesday. This means the Congress would be in a position to call for a confidence motion after Tuesday and issue a whip to its MLAs. The Congress might use the three-day time available to it by trying to cajole and coerce its  truant MLAs.

On Friday, the house met to ass condolence resolutions and was adjourned till Monday. On Friday night Kumaraswami and Yeddiyurappa have met their respective MLAs to discuss later political developments. So, there is heightened political activity all across Karnataka with each party charting out its own course for the confidence motion.