KA Polls 2018: Kingmaker Turns King!

Tue May 15 2018 17:18:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who would have expected a Chief of the party which stood at 3rd Spot in the Assembly Polls would become Chief Minister? This is what going to happen in Karnataka if the latest developments are any indication.

BJP which emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka Assembly Polls 2018 fell short of magic figure. This situation gave an opportunity for Congress and JD (S) to capitalize. Congress Leadership extended outright support to JD (S) to deny power for BJP.

HD Kumaraswamy happily accepted the support extended by Congress Party. He had even sent a letter to Karnataka Government seeking his appointment Today evening between 5.30 to 6 pm for claiming majority to form Government. If Governor responds positively, Kumaraswamy will be sworn-in as Chief Minister of Karnataka anytime soon. That's how the Man who was supposed to be a Kingmaker became a King!