Kurnool Leaders Warns Anil Kumar to Not Step in Kurnool

Fri Feb 28 2020 11:44:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nandikotkuru MLA Toguru Arthur has once again hit the headlines after his followers have challenged Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar that they will not let him step in Kurnool.

In a party meeting, an activist said, "We won't fear rowdy sheeters and murderers. You cannot step in Kurnool if you don't let the Market committee to swear in as usual. Why are you just interfering only in our constituency in the district? Mr. Ambedkar told to live like revolting lions.

MLA Toguru Arthur hit the headlines when he said in a meeting that he will not contest as an MLA and this will be his only term as the leader. He went on to say that as he doesn't want to contest again there is no need of him begging for the votes.


It all started with the differences of opinion on whom to elect as the Chairman of the Nandikotkuru Market Yard. While Arthur proposed a person, Siddharth Reddy also proposed a person leading to a clash.

It has been widely reported that Anil Kumar Yadav is showing interest in the person proposed by Siddharth Reddy leaving Arthur furious. The disputes reached a different level with a party follower directly warning the Minister.