'Survey King' Lagadapati's Success Secret!

Wed Nov 28 2018 16:17:03 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

100 Percent Accuracy is the speciality of surveys conducted by Lagadapati Rajagopal. How was he able to achieve perfection?

In a recent interview, Lagadapati revealed: 'People assume accuracy can be attained if we seek the opinion of large section. Even if the sample is small, We could achieve accuracy…it depends on the kind of people from which opinion has been sought. For example, You could seek opinion from 50 people in 5 Constituencies to correctly predict what happens in AP. Choosing the right person matters the most while conducting any survey. We mayn't predict how many seats, but will be able to guess who will win'.

Lagadapati believes Surveys conducted using mobile numbers will be inaccurate. 'In Karnataka, Our Team had conducted both Cellphone Survey and Field Survey. We did the same in AP and Telangana as well. Lot of difference can be found in both the surveys. So, Phone Survey is bogus. In voters, There are two categories (Silent, Vocal). It's difficult to get the pulse of Silent Voters. TDP won last elections by a big margin because of them. Mindset of Silent Voters keep fluctuating…they don't even watch channels. Getting their pulse is the key for accuracy. If we spot the change in the mood of people by drawing comparison between previous survey & the survey conducted 10-15 days before elections, Accuracy can be obtained'.

People are curious to know what would be Lagadapati's prediction for the upcoming Assembly Polls in Telangana. The Former MP informs he would disclose the results after the polling on December 7th.