Lokesh Can't Even Pronounce Mangalagiri Properly!

Wed Apr 03 2019 22:01:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lakshmi Parvathi mocked Nara Lokesh saying his grandson can't even pronounce the name of the constituency (Mangalagiri) he is contesting properly. She made this comment while campaigning for YCP Candidate Alla Ramakrishna Reddy in Yerrapalem on Wednesday.

NTR's Widow reiterated Chandrababu Naidu had the history of backstabbing his own Father-in-Law for the sake of power. She alleged Naidu committed as many heinous crimes as the count of black marks on his body.

The YCP Leader accused TDP Supremo of indulging in real estate operations in the name of New Capital and selling lands of farmers to Singapore Company. 'Chandrababu is no match to Jagan. While Jagan floated his own party, Chandrababu sent out NTR from his own party. Jagan fought for the people although many cases were filed against him. Babu stooped to the level of murder attempt on Opposition Leader,' she commented.

Lakshmi Parvathi wondered if Naidu is suffering from alzheimer's citing his u-turn on Special Status and failure in fulfilling promises. She alleged, 'Chandrababu spent Rs 60 crore for obtaining fake certificate from Stanford University for his Son. He fielded his Son against a lion like RK to establish his Son as next CM. RK fought for the welfare of farmers. He is a straight-forward person and doesn't know cheap tricks. Victory of RK here is like creating a history. TDP has been trying to influence the voters by bribing them, just alike Nandyal By-election. People of Mangalagiri knew whom they should vote. People's issues will be addressed if an MLA like RK is in every constituency. Nobody could prevent him from getting re-elected as MLA. Post the elections, Babu and Chinnababu will have to run away to Singapore. Without any doubt, YS Jagan is going to be the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh'.