US: Lawmakers table a bill that affect chances of foreign students stay!

Fri Jul 30 2021 20:08:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

In what could be an attempt to make it difficult for the foreign students to reside in the United States post the completion of their studies, a bill was proposed by the lawmakers.

However, the bill is not a new one and the bill was again introduced in the house by the members. The proposed bill will hinder the possibilities of foreign studies staying in the country on certain conditions.

Compared to the other countries, the bill would be a hammer blow to the Indian students as the percentage of students who go to America, the land of opportunities, for academic purposes  is relatively high.

Members of the House of Representatives, Paul A Gosar, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Matt Gaetz have tabled the bill Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act in the house during the recent sessions.

The bill that was tabled in the house is the key bill that should be looked at as passing the bill is indirectly proportional to amending the Optional Practice Training (OPT)'s Immigration and Nationality Act.

While tabling the bill, Congressman Paul A Gosar made some crucial comments on the OPT programme and called it a procedure that eliminates the workers from their own land but encourages the companies to hire foreign labour.

OPT is a programme undertaken by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which enables the foreign students to stay in the US by doing their respective jobs.

Stressing about the OPT, the house member alleged that the program is increasing the chances of the foreign students to get hired by the companies as their salary is less compared to the Americans.

However, the proposed bill might go through a lot of changes as the procedure for the same looks  a bit complicated.

Going by the rule position, the bill should get the approval from the Senate. With the Democrats holding good strength in the Chambers, it is going to be a tough task.

After getting the nod of the Senate, the bill will be forwarded to the President. The bill will be made a law only after it gets the sign from the United States President.