Leader Performs Yagam To Become A Minister

Mon May 03 2021 12:27:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

When a politician is asked choose between a speaker's post and a ministry, he almost always chooses the later. Such is the allure of the minister's post. They will do everything they can to get a ministerial berth. With YS Jagan Mohan Reddy planning to reshuffle his cabinet within six months, the ministry aspirants are moving heaven and earth to get a minister's post.

One such YSRCP leader who is yearning for minister's post is speaker Tammineni Sitaram.  Despite being a septuagenarian, he had contested the elections in 2019 to become a minister. However, he was made the speaker. Tammineni was at political crossroads in 2019. After 2004 defeat of the TDP, he had lost every election and finally joined the YSRCP. He had won in 2019, but Jagan made his the speaker. Though he was okay with the post, he still is said to be angling for a ministerial post. He is said to be making one more bid for a place in the cabinet.

The Speaker had recently got a Chandi Yagam performed in his home town. Though it is ostensibly being said that the Yagam is meant for the "larger good of the humanity at large," those in the know say that he wants to become a minister and the yagam was meant to propitiate the God so that he makes him a minister. Let's see if the God almighty makes the lady luck smile at him or not.