Left Ends Up A Big Loser In TDP-Pawan Game

Mon Mar 18 2019 21:58:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan has all along been giving enough indications that he is doing the bidding of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. There is nothing secretive about it. Pawan's Jana Sena is fast becoming a front for the TDP and those who have problems joining the TDP directly, are preferring to take the Jana Sena route. Some commentators have even said that Jana Sena is the branch office of the TDP.

Take the case of the senior retired cop, who wanted to join the TDP. He gave leaks that he would be joining the TDP. This was meant to test the waters. When he received flak for the decision, the cop backed off and now he has joined the Jana Sena.

Now, the TDP is trying to put up dummy candidates in the constituency where the ex-cop is contesting from. Similarly, the TDP has denied ticket to the sitting MLA in Gajuwaka as Pawan is likely to contest from there. Last elections, Pawan helped the TDP and this time the TDP is paying back the debt of gratitude.

 But the real losers in the whole game are the Left parties. They have been reduced to mere pawns in the political game. Pawan did not allocate seats till the last. As a result, they do not know the seats they are going to contest and cannot therefore campaign there. He kept them waiting all these days and has now given a mere 14 when they asked 60. Shockingly, he had allocated 21 seats to the BSP, which has no presence in AP.

Pawan has actually ditched the Left Parties,which were working for them all these years. The Left parties have organizational presence in every constituency.  Yet, Pawan gave them a short-shrift. The seats given to the BSP will only split votes and benefit the TDP. He has deliberately given fewer seats to the Left Parties as they have the capacity to put up a tough fight. In effect, Pawan is helping the TDP. The only loser in this whole game is the Left parties