Legendary Player Spots Snake Hanging Out In Hotel Room!

Tue Sep 20 2022 11:46:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Due to Urbanisation, the forest area is being cut short and animals are forced to encounter humans and enter the human habitat. We are seeing how wild animals are entering houses located near the forests. Not just the wild animals, but even the reptiles are coming close to humans.

A legendary cricket player encountered a snake in his hotel room. Though the snake is not an adult one, a snake is a snake any day. Without fearing the snake, the player took to social media to share the pictures and he even asked netizens what type of snake it was.

Legendary speed gun of Australia Mitchell Johnson is the one who saw a snake in his hotel room. The former Australian player is in India now for the Legends League Cricket and he was given a room at a hotel in Lucknow.

He took two pictures of snakes and shared them with the netizens. Moreover, the cricketer said, he has an interesting stay in Lucknow so far as he spotted a snake in his hotel room.

"Anyone know what type of snake this is?? Just hanging out in my room door," he said in one post. "Found a better pic of this snakes head. Still unsure what it is exactly. Interesting stay so far in Lucknow, India," the legendary pacer said in another post.

It is no wonder that Mitchell Johnson did not fear the snake. He hails from Australia and the menace of snakes is high in the nation. The country has more than 150 types of dangerous and venomous snake species and people there encounter snakes at regular intervals. So the former pacer did not fear the snake.

40-year-old Mitchell Johnson represented Australia for a long time and contributed to many iconic wins for the team. The left-arm pacer is known for her intensity in the game. He is one of the greatest pacers Australia ever produced. In his glorious career, Johnson claimed 313 wickets in Test format.

Johnson claimed 590 international wickets across the formats which makes him the fourth-highest wicket-taker among Australian bowlers. He announced his retirement from international cricket in 2015.

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