Legislative Council abrogation: Is this Sajjala's opinion or YS Jagan's?

Tue Jun 22 2021 09:57:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Time was when the YSRCP strongly demanded the abrogation of the legislative council. Then the TDP was in a majority and was blocking every move of the YSRCP government. An exasperated YSRCP had even passed a resolution demanding the abrogation of the council.

But, now the tables are turned and the YSRCP has a clear advantage in the council. Four more MLCs were just sworn in the Governor's quota. YSRCP is going to gain a few more MLC seats in the coming months.  The council is now in the firm grip of the YSRCP. So, there is no need to abrogate the council anymore. Yet, YS Jagan's political advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has stirred up a controversy when he said that the YSRCP stands by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's statement on the council. He said the Government wants to do away with the council.

Even CM YS Jagan is on record saying that having a council is a waste of state's exchequer. He said Rs 60 crore additional expenditure is incurred due to the legislative council. But, having a majority in the council is to the advantage of the YSRCP. It can also accommodate several seniors and those who have been denied party tickets in 2019 elections. Yet, why is Sajjala talking about  abrogating the council? Is it his opinion or is he voicing Jagan's opinion? An intense debate is on these days in AP on this issue.