Liquor Prohibition: How Jagan Does It?

Sat Jun 08 2019 21:43:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jaganmohan Reddy promised implementation of Liquor Prohibition in a phased manner prior to the elections. He reiterated the same promise even after becoming the Chief Minister of the state.

People wondered how YS Jagan would be fulfilling the promise of Liquor Prohibition. Liquor Sales has been one of the major sources of income for the AP Government. Previous Government conducted auctions for 4,400 liquor shops and 819 bars. Offering permissions for belt shops in Residential Areas and Agriculture Fields stirred a huge controversy. Still, TDP Govt hasn't withdrawn the decision for the sake of revenues.

NTR implemented Liquor Prohibition for one-and-a-half year. Chandrababu Naidu ended the ban after snatching power from his Father-in-Law. Ever since then, TDP and Congress Government kept making the most out of the liquor policy.

Jagan wishes to restrict liquor sales to only Star Hotels by increasing the MRP. So much of black marketing happened when NTR implemented Liquor Prohibition. So, The focus should be on the strict implementation. To make the ban work, Excise and Police Department will have to take the implementation as a challenge. Who knows, Jagan could achieve success in this aspect as well.