Liquor Sales For Dasara Surpasses massive 1,000 Crores!

Fri Oct 07 2022 11:42:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Excise Department is one of the highest revenue-generating departments in many states in India and Telangana is no exemption from this. For the festivals, the excise department sees big revenues. When the lockdown was lifted under unlocking, the liquor shops saw big crowds, and record sales were recorded.

Yet again, the Excise department saw record collections. It is known that Dasara is one of the biggest festivals in Telangana. Liquor sales will reach the rooftop. Living up to the expectations, Telangana saw liquor sales surpassing collections on a few Pan-India films too.

As per the information, Liquor sales in Telangana for the Dasara season surpassed the massive 1,000 crore mark and reached 1100 crores. In just seven days, the sales were recorded which is huge. Despite the liquor shops being shut on Gandhi Jayanthi and Dasata festival days, that did not stop the sales from going up.

As the liquor shops were shut on the 2nd and 5th of this month, liquor lovers might have stocked liquor earlier resulting in the sales going up. Given the holidays, people might have purchased liquor in big quantities resulting in liquor sales surpassing the massive 1k crore mark.

Reports say that Ranga Reddy contributed a big amount with around Rs 500 crores coming from the district alone. Warangal Urban, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, and Hyderabad are in the next positions with Rs 149.02 crores, Rs 124.44 crores, Rs 111.44 crores, and Rs 108.24 crores respectively.

Usually, the Hyderabad region records top collections in liquor sales most of the time. But the trend got changed slightly and Ranga Reddy became the highest collecting region. Ranga Reddy collected almost five times the amount collected by Hyderabad this time.

Besides festival season, it is a long weekend and people might have gone to their native places in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad. This might have resulted in Hyderabad seeing fewer sales than Ranga Reddy and other places. Both liquor and beer were sold in big numbers in one week in the state. The festival season made wonders for the state as over one thousand crores worth of liquor was sold.

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