Lockdown Scenes: Liquor worth Rs 3.5 cr sold out in just three hours!

Wed May 12 2021 15:30:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

When the nationwide lockdown was imposed by the centre in 2020 to curb the Covid infections, liquor lovers faced a lot of issues with the liquor stalls being closed as part of the lockdown guidelines and measures.

When the liquor shops were reopened as part of unlocking measures, the states saw record sales by breaking all the previous records. Thousands of crores worth of liquor were sold across the states.

When the lockdown was imposed in Telangana, the same scenes were reported in Telangana. On Tuesday, more than 100 crores worth of liquor was sold in Telangana. According to the media reports, around Rs 125 crore worth of liquor was sold the other day.

Out of the total liquor stores in the state, one liquor store located in posh Banjarahills of Hyderabad, 'Tonique', which is famous for selling luxury liquor brands recorded a record sale of Rs 3.5 crore. The entire liquor stock was sold in just three hours.

Media reports claimed that this is the highest ever sales recorded at a single liquor store in Telugu states. Within three hours, the entire stock was sold and no stock boards were kept outside the store.