Locals In Chadarghat Protest For Burying COVID-19 Dead Person

Wed Apr 01 2020 18:26:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

A person who hails from the Chadarghat area of Old City in Hyderabad lost his life to the dreaded COVID-19 virus and his body was buried at the Kanga Nagar burial ground in the same locality and the news did not go well with the locals.

The locals are not happy with the body of the person being buried without cremating leading the locals in deep worry.

Locals had a problem with burying the body as the dead body of the COVID-19 has to be created as per the rules so that the deadly virus won’t get spread to others. They also found fault with the police not taking any precautions properly.

It has been reported that the police did not spray any anti-virus spray to stop the virus to spread further. Following this, the Kachiguda police visited the spot and spoke to the locals to get the condition under control.

The guidelines issued by the government state that irrespective of the religion, the dead body of COVID-19 patients has to be cremated. At the time of the last rites, more than five people should not be present.