Locals Unhappy After Web Series Makers Leave Gandhi Notes On Road

Wed Oct 06 2021 15:53:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who would leave a chance to grab a few 2,000 notes when the notes were spread on the roads. The information about the notes on the roads was spread like a wildfire making the residents of the nearby areas rush to the place to get the notes. Little do they know that they will face a big shock.

People who rushed to grab a few notes suffered a big shock after knowing that all the notes were fake ones. Later they got to know that the fake notes were scattered there while filming a few scenes for a web series. With the fake notes having the pictures of Mahatma Gandhi like the original ones, the locals were not happy with the makers.

The incident was reported to have taken place in Mumbai in the Vasai East region. The residents of the area who were happy to see the currency notes did not take much time to know that the currency notes they have spotted on the roads were not real.

The anger of the locals had intensified within no time after it was found that the notes they had spotted on the roads were fake notes and they were spread on the roads to shoot a few scenes from a Hindi web series that stars Shahid Kapoor.

The residents were not happy with the notes speared on the roads as the passers-by on the roads had no other option left except for walking on the currency notes. They questioned how come the makers could insult Mahatma Gandhi as the passerbys in the area were walking on the notes with no other option left.

It has been widely reported that the locals in the area have reached the concerned police station and sought action against the makers of the web series as they have disrespected the great leader by creating a situation where the passersby are walking on top of the notes.

Talking about the same, the Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police said that the makers have all the permissions. However, he had assured that an inquiry had been called to look for such things. The inquiry report is awaited.