Lockdown Resulted In Wastage Of 15,000 Ltrs Milk And 10,000 kg Vegetables

Thu Mar 26 2020 19:01:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Following the Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling for a 21 day-national lock down, Chief Ministers of respective states have directed the police personnel to make sure that people follow the instructions and restrict themselves for houses.

However, this move has resulted in a huge loss for the retailers. E-commerce platform Milk basket failed to deliver a single order across the nation following the nationwide lock down.

"Company's staff, vendors and vehicles [were] being pushed back from the roads bylocal police, and being asked to shut down its distribution centers," Milk basket's CEO Anant Goel said.

In a message to customers, grocery and milk delivery website Milk Basket said it was forced to dump 15,000 liters of milk and 10,000 kg of vegetables.

"We are working with the central government and local authorities, asking them to help us urgently with detailed on-ground operating procedures, to ensure delivery of priority goods like household staples, health and hygiene products, sanitizers, baby formula, and medical supplies safely across the country to our customers' homes without any disruption," Amazon's spokesperson said.