Lockdown period makes wonder for the Parsi community in India!

Tue Jun 15 2021 13:45:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The deadly impact of Covid-19 has a devastating impact across the world. To reduce the virus spread, several countries imposed lockdowns. The same is the case with India. A series of lockdowns were imposed in the country in 2020.

Though several people were severely hit by the lockdown period. The work from home module which became a new norm has done wonders for the Parsi community. With people being restricted to stay home, as many as 61 births were recorded among Parsi households in 2020.

As a piece of good news, six months into 2021, 22 babies were born and the count is expected to grow further, as the offices and workplaces are unlikely to be opened this year.

According to the media reports, these newborns were assisted by the Centre through the Jiyo Parsi scheme, the scheme launched to counter the decline among the Parsi population.

The ethnoreligious group Parsis has a very minimal population in the country. The census report of 2011 says the Parsis population is 57,000 in India. Considering the fact that the group has very little population compared to other religions, the new births are a good sign of progress.

The Jiyo Parsi scheme was launched by the Central government back in 2013-14 to see that the Parsi population won't decline further.