Lokesh Drove DL Ravindra Reddy Into YSRCP

Wed Mar 20 2019 17:47:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior politician DL Ravindra Reddy has finally joined the YSRCP. It is being rumoured that he was stopped from joining the TDP by none other than Lokesh himself. When he offered to join the TDP, DL’s only condition was an MLC ticket from Mydukuru. The TDP had not work in Mydukuru in several years.

So, DL’s joining would have actually helped the TDP. DL Ravindra Reddy has won for four times in a row from Mydukuru and has his own following. However, Lokesh did not want him in the party. So, he started putting spokes. Finally the ticket was given to Putta Sudhakar Yadav. While Putta is a money bag and is ready to spend huge amounts, winning Mydukuru is not so easy for him.

With TDP shutting doors, DL has joined the YSRCP. He would now help in the victory of YSRCP candidates there in Mydukuru.