MLA Responds To Resignation Of Lady Municipal Chairperson!

Thu Jan 26 2023 17:55:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Alleging that the MLA is harassing her, Municipal Chairperson Boga Sravani cried in front of the media and resigned from her position. Jagtial Municipal Chairperson, Boga Sravani leveled serious allegations against Jagtial MLA Sanjay Kumar. Her statements created a big sensation in Telangana and the ruling BRS party.

At a meeting held at Jagtial the other day, Boga Sravani burst into a loud cry. She alleged that the MLA subjected her to many issues. Bringing out the community card she alleged that the MLA displayed his Dora arrogance as he could not see a BC woman getting bigger.

He is stopping the developmental works saying that no work can be done without informing him. In the presence of the Martyrs Memorial, I was mistreated. He said that compared to the MLA's post, the Municipal Chairperson position is very small and threatened me by talking about my children. she said.

Alleging that she was not given the freedom to talk, Sravani said that she was directed to read the script he gives and she should not even invite Kavitha and take the name of KTR. Saying that harassment did not stop even Kavitha came to her home, she alleged that she has a threat from the MLA and held the MLA as the reason if something happens to her family.

At last Jagtial MLA, Sanjay Kumar reacted to the allegations made by Sravani. Saying that he was pained by the decision taken by her the legislator said that they used to have a Father-daughter like relation and he told her many times that she had a bright future.

He said that he sorted out the disputes raised by Councilors against the Chairman. We rejected the Trust issue that was raised and she did not attend the Councillors' meeting. The MLA gave clarity to the media that she is scared of losing the post and for that she is targeting him.