MLA's Unique Protest Seeking Highway Road Repair!

Wed Sep 21 2022 17:08:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even 75 years after Independence, there is a lot to achieve for India as far as the infrastructure is concerned. A few cities have pathetic road conditions and commuters will see hell on earth while traveling on roads in rain. The accidents are also increasing due to poor road conditions.

Sadly, the governments don't take road conditions seriously and roads are neglected often. An MLA who had enough of fighting for the road repair sat on the road to protest demanding the road repair. Not just sitting in the mud, the MLA even had a bath in the water on the road.

Congress MLA Deepika Pandey Singh has been fighting for the repair works of roads on the National Highway-133 in Jharkhand. She raised the demand many times, but the road repair did not happen. The legislator decided to intensify her fight.

After sitting in the mud, she took a bath in the water and this caught everyone's attention. The passersby gathered at the spot in big numbers to see the unique protest by the lady MLA. They are praising the MLA for fighting for a required cause.

Usually, we see legislators fighting for a cause and forgetting it later. But the MLA is not among them and she has been fighting for the repair works of roads. The road which is full of water is not an internal road. It is a national highway and a lot of vehicles travel on the path. Despite all this, the authorities are not repairing the roads.

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