MLA's Family sent To Quarantine Fearing Covid-19

Sat Mar 28 2020 18:57:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

A tense situation arose in Guntur as an MLA's family was sent to quarantine. Going into details, Guntur East MLA Mohammad Mustafa's family has been sent to quarantine as his brother-in-law who returned from Delhi recently held a feast for which around 500 people attended.

It has been reported that three of the attended have been showing the positive symptoms of the deadly virus. Interestingly, apart from this no positive case was reported in Guntur.

It has now become a huge task from the district officials to trace out the details of the attendees who have attended the party given by the brother-in-law of MLA. Till now MLA's wife and other family members were also been tested for the deadly virus.

Some of the media reports state that many of the attendees who appeared at the feast have gone to masjids in the district and those who were identified have been sent to quarantine centers reportedly.