MLC Driver Death: Reason Goes Beyond Money Dues?

Mon May 23 2022 12:59:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh politics are now revolving around the suspicious death of one Subrahmanyam, who used to work as a driver with the YSRCP MLC Anantha Udaya Bhaskar. It's been four days since the body was found in the MLC's car. The MLC took the body to the victim's family citing a road accident as the reason behind the death.

Amid a lot of doubts about the reason behind the mysterious death, the family members gave a reason for this. Their version is that Subrahmanyam took some money from the MLC which is not a big amount. As a portion of the debt taken is yet to be cleared, this might have been the reason for his death.

The reason mentioned by the family members raised a few more doubts as to why the MLC would take such a big action for the small amount the drive owes to his former owner.

Spicing up things related to the much-talked-about death case, the MLC reportedly has relations with women which go beyond friendship. Being his driver, the victim also knows about this and he is believed to have taken pictures and videos of MLC with the mysterious women whose identities are unknown yet.

Through his followers, the MLC reportedly got to know that his then driver is getting to know things about his friendship with women, which reportedly includes a legislator. To see that no unwanted things will take place that can trouble him, the MLC settled Subrahmanyam's account and asked him to look for other alternatives.

However, the MLC is believed to have doubts about his former driver that he would have had pictures and videos of him with the women with whom she enjoys good relations beyond friendship. To clear the same, the MLC showed up at his former driver's house and took him.

He did not come back after leaving his house and late at night, the MLC handed over his dead body to the family members saying that he lost his life after meeting with a big accident. The doubts and stories on the reason behind the death go on until the investigation officers give the exact reason.