Mysterious Ex-Driver Death: MLC Taken into Custody?

Mon May 23 2022 10:51:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a suspicious turn of events, the former driver of an MLC in Andhra Pradesh breathed his last, giving birth to various doubts and theories behind the incident. The victim's family members who were unable to digest the issue gave a call to protest against the MLC demanding his arrest. This resulted in tension gripping Kakinada city.

As MLC Ananta Udaya Bhaskar is a member of the ruling YSRCP, the issue turned political with the opposition parties joining the force to fight for the arrest of the MLC. The Telugu Desam Party leaders also took part in the fight waged by the family members of the victim.

With the suspected MLC reportedly absconding, the doubts about his role in the case grew further. As a big twist in the tale, the MLC was reportedly taken into the police custody by the concerned Police going by the evidence gathered during the investigation.

Media reports say that the followers of the MLC were arrested by the cops as part of the investigation. After grilling them, they are believed to have accepted their role in the case, while listing the names of others who took part in beating the victim, reports said.

Despite the family saying that things are not going well between the MLC and their son over the money he took from the MLC, there are several doubts as to why an MLC would take the nasty step against his former driver for an amount that is less than one lakh rupees.

Amid this, a big news channel said, quoting a top Police officer from Andhra Pradesh saying that, the followers of the MLC reportedly told the investigating officers that, they thrashed the victim to death and with that, he lost his life.

If we join all these dots, we can expect a bigger angle and reason behind the suspicious death of the driver who worked with the MLC for many years. On top of this, one lakh is not a big amount for an MLC, and for that, he will not go to the extreme decision of beating his former car driver to death.