MP Kavitha to become busy in Politics again?

Fri Nov 08 2019 14:31:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former MP, TRS chief KCR's daughter Kavitha is not seen at any political events and meetings post her lose in the elections.

It has been reported that Kavitha will again become busy in her regular political activities.

After her loss in the elections, reports claimed that she will be offered Rajya Sabha seat. But later, there was no much information on this.

Reportedly, Nizamabad and Jagityal political activities were slow down due to her absence. In Nizamabad, there is no other leader who has huge popularity.

According to the reports, TRS chief KCR is thinking to bring Kavitha back to make the cader strong at the local level.

Municipal elections will be commenced in a few days in Telangana. There are six municipalities in Nizamabad jurisdiction. Reportedly, the leaders in the district are hoping if Kavitha comes back, they will win the elections.

Arvind, who win the MP elections with a promise of establishing turmeric board, within 30 days could not keep his promise. Reportedly, TRS is aiming to attract the voters with this failed promise.