MP RRR alleges humiliating treatment for an MLA!

Sat Jan 08 2022 18:36:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

YCP Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju creating a sensation with his comments is not new. His announcement on resigning from his MP position and calling for a by-poll made yesterday goes on the same lines. People are still unable to forget the shocking news.

Setting the political temperature soaring up, the MP alleged that an MLA who belongs to the East Godavari faced a humiliating experience in Tadepalli after he was beaten like hell. I can assure you on this, RRR reportedly said.

Not just that, the rebel MP even reportedly said that the MLA is not a small person as he hails from an influential community. Keeping everyone guessing who received the beatings and who thrashed the MLA, RRR said he will not mention the name of the MLA.

He kept everyone guessing on who was the MLA that received humiliating treatment at Tadepalli. His comments kickstarted a debate on how come an MLA can get such treatment.

But the answer lies with the MP and we can know more about this only if the MP opens up on the issue and reveals more information on the matter. Let us wait and see what the Parliamentarian has to offer in the issue.