Astrologer Predicts BJP's Win, Loses Job

Tue May 14 2019 12:37:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

An astrologer has lost his job just because he predicted BJP's victory in the upcoming elections. Rajeshwar Shastry Musalgaonkar, a professor  of astrology, has posted his poll predictions on the Facebook on April 29. He said the BJP will get around 300 and the NDA will cross 300. He wrote in Hindi: "BJP 300 ke paas aur NDA 300 ke paar."

A Youth Congress worker has lodged a complaint against Musalgaonkar saying he being a government employee should not support any political party. However, Musalgaonkar argued that he did not favour any party and had only given his opinion as an astrologer. Musalgaonkar said that he had only predicted the results in response to a question by his student and that it was based on planetary position and not due to political bias.

Rajeshwar Shastry Musalgaonkar is the head of astrology department in Ujjain's Vikram University and is known to be politically neutral personality. Interestingly, he could predict BJP's gain, but not foresee his own loss...