Maha Crisis: Supreme Court Only Hope of Shiv Sena

Wed Jun 29 2022 17:31:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing political crisis in Maharashtra is not a concern to the state alone as the whole nation is looking at the developments. The opposition parties are slamming the BJP for their alleged role in the crisis and pushing Shiv Sena and other ally parties into a big question.

The rebel leaders who are unhappy with Shiv Sena coming out of its stringent Hindutva ideology are posing a big threat to Shiv Sena. Political experts are saying that nothing can save the Maha Vikas Aghadi government from getting collapsed due to a lack of strength in the Assembly.

Rebels are saying that they have around 50 MLAs with them and they are ready for the floor test to prove their strength. If the rebel leaders join hands with BJP then BJP will come to power. The leaders under the leadership of Eknath Shinde are showing their interest in the test and the Governor kept a deadline for the floor test which is tomorrow.

Shiv Sena which is saying that they have enough strength has knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court against the floor test. The party challenged the test orders by the Governor and in its petition, Shiv Sena said that a few rebels are not in touch with them and sought time.

The way Shiv Sena filed the petition with the Supreme Court hints that the party is fearing the fall of its government and want some relief from the court. If the Apex Court says yes to the test then Shiv Sena has to lose its power. Now the ball is in Supreme Court’s court.