Maharashtra Farmers Accuses Telangana Daily Of Wrong Attribution!

Tue Sep 27 2022 17:57:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The aggressive fight between the TRS and BJP turned out in an unexpected way as KCR revived his national politics. He is pushing the national politics entry idea aggressively. Whenever there is an opportunity, KCR talks about the big dream. The TRS is giving big elevations to the Chief Minister in this regard.

After meeting the farmers in Punjab, KCR said that farmers from various states are inviting him to come to the national politics as they are fed up with the Bharatiya Janata Party and its politics. These claims went wrong as the farmers protested against the Chief Minister.

It has been widely reported that a few farmers from Maharashtra accused a Telangana newspaper of publishing a piece of fake news attributing them without their consent. By burning the copies of the newspaper, the farmers in the Telangana-Maharashtra border areas staged a protest.

It is said that the farmers protested at the Sironcha Tehsildar's office and asked the Tehsildar to take the appropriate action against the concerned newspaper. The farmers reportedly said that they did not ask KCR to come to National politics and they have nothing to do with KCR's dream.

This is a big issue for the KCR. If the news is true, then this will surely allow the BJP to target the TRS as the party has been projecting itself as a pro-farmer party and works for the benefit of the farmers' community.

Wrongly attributing the farmers is a blunder mistake and it might leave a big toll on the ruling party. A newspaper that is known for the pro-TRS stand is believed to have carried out the news which says, the farmers from Maharashtra invited KCR into national politics.

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