Mahesh Upset At Polling Booth

Fri Dec 07 2018 16:36:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Super Star Mahesh Babu is a shy person and he does not make too many public appearances. He has his own inhibitions and because of the same reason, he hates the attention of the media but today, the media has put him in an uncomfortable situation which he controlled expressing it.

As it is a polling day in Telangana state today, Super Star Mahesh Babu and his wife Namratha have come to Jubilee Hills Public School to cast their votes. The moment he arrived at the polling booth, a lot of media persons have run towards him and clicked a lot of pictures. The cameras followed him until he entered the booth. The flashes are on even when he is casting his vote on the EVM machine.

Mahesh let this go off but while he is returning, a lot of media persons with the camera have chased him seeking a byte. Mahesh hates giving messages and bytes usually and because of the same, he walked fast to his car and vanished off from the place.

While he is on his way to reach his car, there was a clear feeling of uneasiness on his face which the media people must also know. Still, they troubled him until he reached the car.

At times, these people have to learn to respect the privacy of celebrities.