Malla Reddy Apologies For His Controversial Comments!

Tue Dec 06 2022 16:08:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telangana Cabinet Minister Malla Reddy has been in the middle of the news of late due to various reasons. A few days back he faced IT raids. The raids were conducted at the residences and offices of his institutions. His comments on how he started his life and where he reached became sensational.

As if that was not enough Malla Reddy landed in another big controversy with his speech on the Orientation Day of his Medical College. Addressing the students he spoke about how students should be to reach good heights.

Though he started the speech to energize the students, Malla Reddy slipped his tongue. Talking about his daughter-in-law Malla Reddy said she got a good gift in her form.

The Minister said that he did not marry off his son to a Reddy girl and if he would have done it the girl would have been going to Kitty parties and Pikniks. He made these comments to express his dissatisfaction with parents who are sending their children to picnics.

The Minister said if his daughter-in-law would have been from his same community then she should have been busy with picnics and as she is not from the Reddy community she has now become the Managing Director of his educational institution and she is running the establishment.

But his comments did not go well with many and created a sensation. Many alleged that he disrespected the community and asked how he can make such disrespectful comments despite being in a good position like a Cabinet Minister.

Looking at the criticism Malla Reddy reacted to the issue and gave an apology. In a video, the Minister of Labour and Employment of Telangana said that he has no intentions of hurting anyone and he casually passed the comments.

Taking to social media, Malla Reddy said that he should have not made such comments. Clarifying the issue, the Cabinet Minister said that the comments came in flow. He ended the video by issuing an unconditional apology saying that if he has hurt anyone with his comments, then he is feeling sorry and giving an apology.