MLA Runs Away After His Car Hits Pedestrian

Mon Sep 16 2019 11:45:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is an MLA and is supposed to display leadership qualities when called for. He was expected to lead by example. But, Kalwakurthy MLA Jaipal Yadav not only displayed extreme cowardice but even tried to find ridiculous alibis.

On Sunday, the MLA's vehicle hit a pedestrian on the Srisailam-Hyderabad highway near Tummaluru, Due to the impact of the ramming, the man died. Instead of attending to him and bringing the situation under control, the MLA and his driver abandoned the car and ran away from the place. The MLA immediately got himself admitted into a hospital. This act of the MLA has invited severe criticism from all quarters. The MLA, who was not responsible for the mishap as he was not driving the vehicle, should have stayed back and helped in the cremation of the dead person. Instead, he too ran away and joined a hospital as part of the efforts aimed at finding an alibi. Interestingly, there is not even a scratch on the MLA’s body.

Meanwhile, the locals of Tummaluru staged a rasta rook on the highway and brought the traffic to a grinding halt for several hours. The police had to pacify the people to allow the traffic movement to continue.