Man weeps like kid complaining about wife

Mon Nov 29 2021 18:07:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

A video recorded near a Police Station is going viral on social media with the users widely sharing the video in which a man can be seen crying alleging that his wife is beating him. Unable to deal with the situation, he had knocked on the doors of the Police Station.

The shocking video is for Telugu states. Though there is information on the exact location, the video was shot in Telugu states, as the man who came to register a police complaint was told by a cop that "What can we do? Wives will beat us. The situation has changed".

The man who wept like a kid while sharing the torture he is facing from his wife left the police station when a cop told him to come in the morning. In the entire video, he can be seen crying loudly and bursting into tears. His face became red by crying non-stop.

Within no time, the video went viral on social media and the pages have already started to use the footage as meme material. Netizens were concerned about his situation after reaching home. They asked what would be his situation if his wife found out that he tried to complain against her.