Inter Students Suicides: See What This Hero Did!

Tue Apr 23 2019 11:44:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

As many as 16 Intermediate Students committed suicides in Telangana since the day results were announced by the Inter Board. Errors in the valuation results in shocking results for even Toppers in First Year Intermediate.  

Pained by the suicides of youngsters, Manchu Manoj issued a statement: 'There is life beyond examinations...I condemn the pressure put up on the students at such an age where they are vulnerable to take up their own lives without second thoughts'.  

Manchu Hero held the Inter Board responsible for the tragic incidents. He dared to say sadism of the corporate college managements for ranks led to such a situation. The Actor requested Parents to encourage children in their failures. 'Life is small and simple which can be crossed with the help of our beloved ones on our side. Nothing is a waste of time or money. Everything is an experience,' he opined.  

Manoj appealed KTR to take severe action on the college which pressurise students for ranks. He told, 'Education is for knowledge and future, but not for pride'.