Mangaluru Blast: Cops Identify Suspect, A Wanted Criminal!

Sun Nov 20 2022 20:47:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A blast in a moving autorickshaw in Mangaluru became a topic of discussion among the people with the cops raising doubt about the terror act ruling out the possibility of a casual explosion. As the cops holding good positions alleged a terror angle the issue raised many eyeballs.

The Police department started digging deeper into the case to gather key information. The new information is that the suspect in the case was reportedly identified. Reports say that the suspect is identified as Mohammed Shariq who is a wanted suspect in another case.

Media reports say that he is on a bail in a UAPA case as he was suspected of doing graffiti on the walls. He is a wanted criminal as the cops are after him. He came to Mangaluru to carry out the blast as per the reports.

As the suspect was identified the concerned cops reportedly visited his house and carried out searches there. The Forensic Science Laboratory Division (FSL) team is believed to have seized a few materials.

The seized materials include gelatin powder, circuit board, small bolts, batteries, mobile, wood power, aluminum multi meters, wires, mixture jars, and pressure cooker. Experts say that the materials are used to make explosives.

The blast was reported from Mangaluru town. After the explosion happened a pressure cooker and batteries were identified from the explosion spot. The NIA also stepped in to probe the matter.