Maoist's biggest worry: Not security forces, but Covid

Mon Jun 07 2021 09:46:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Already under pressure Maoists are now facing another deadly enemy in the form of Covid. At least over 100 Maoists have been infected and are suffering from Covid-related causes. At least 20 bodies of the Maoists were reportedly cremated deep in the Bastar jungles.

Recently, CPI Maoists Party's divisional committee secretary Madhukar has died in the Osmania Hospital while undergoing treatment for Covid. He revealed that the Maoists were unable to get medicines in the jungles and are unable to go the hospitals in the towns and cities for fear of getting caught by the police. Madhukar was arrested while being treated in a private hospital. He was later shifted to the Osmania University, where he died. He told the police that even Central Committee members such as Katakam Sudarshan and Thippiri Tirupati were suffering from Covid.  The Maoists were forced to consume expired medicines and eat stale food as the government has choked their supply chains. Several Maoists, who were suffering from Covid related complications, have chosen to surrender to the police.

The police in both Dandakaranya and Telangana have announced that they would ensure proper treatment to the Maoists if they lay down their arms and surrender to them. Several Maoists have already surrendered, sources said. Interestingly, in the initial says, Maoists had said that Covid was a false scare and asked the people not to follow isolation, lockdown and quarantine. They said this was a corporate conspiracy. But, today, they find themselves in the throes of a massive health crisis.