Maoists kill two cadres for daring to marry

Fri Jan 07 2022 20:32:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Maoists killing the cops or informers is common. But, in a shocking incident, outlawed Maoists killed two of their cadres in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. The reason? The two Maoist ultras were in love and wanted to marry one another. The Maoists did not like this and killed them after conducting a Kangaroo Court in the forest region of the district.

According to sources, militia platoon commander Kamlu Punem fell in love with militia member Mangi. Both were seen moving closely. The Maoists warned them not to move closely. They also opposed their marriage. Both Punem and Mangi decided to run away. On Thursday, they fled the Maoist camp. The Maoists chased them down and brought them back into the forests.

On Friday they conducted a Kangaroo court, where they were interrogated and were punished for violating the party discipline by shooting them dead. The police IGP (Bastar Range) said that they were killed brutally in the Ganguluru area.

The police said that Punem was one of the most wanted Maoists and was involved in 11 incidents of violence and terror. Mangi too was involved in three cases. The police said that another death was reported under the jurisdiction of Gangaluru. However, whether this too is a Maoist-related death remains to be known.