Married Woman's Death: Who Killed Radha?

Sat May 20 2023 18:40:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In a shocking incident, a  married woman was found dead and the initial investigation raised doubt about her friend planning this due to financial disputes. There were marks of cigarette burns on her body reportedly which indicates that she might have been tortured before death and she might have breathed her last in pain.

But an unexpected shock hit the case with media reports claiming that her family member would have planned this. The alleged angle came out when the investigating officers started digging deeper into the case to get more details.

Going into details, a married woman named Radha was killed. She is from Andhra Pradesh. Initially, it was reported that Kashireddy, who took money from her did this as he is unable to pay back. Both Radha and Kashireddy hail from the same village and studied together.

Now what the media reports are saying is that Radha's husband Mohan might have a role in this. Mohan is believed to have developed doubts about her wife and this might have led to her death. Allegations are coming from both sides. Nothing has been confirmed yet by the police.

The new angle added fuel to the doubt about who killed Radha. Her friend or Husband. It is said that the investigation is going on from both angles given the doubts and allegations. The Police investigation is going on and we might get clarity on this at the earliest.

Though nothing is confirmed yet we are hearing media reports about the allegations on both sides. No one expected that the new angle would come in the case which raised many eyeballs.