Mayor Faces Embarrassing Situation At Inauguration Ceremony?

Sun Sep 25 2022 17:41:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In an unfortunate incident, a Mayor faced an embarrassing situation as she was reportedly pushed away by the gunmen of the Cabinet Minister during the inauguration ceremony. Though the inauguration happened under the jurisdiction of the Mayor, she was not respected and was pushed away as per the reports.

This is believed to have happened in Andhra Pradesh when an Urban Health Center was inaugurated in the 32nd Division of Vijayawada's Ayodhyanagar. The area falls under the jurisdiction of Mayor Bhagyalakshmi.

Despite the facility coming into her jurisdiction, she was not let go to the dais by the gunmen of Cabinet Minister Vidadhala Rajini. Her gunmen acted more than required and stopped the Mayor from going on to the dais. She was also pushed aside by the gunmen.

After she was pushed away, the Mayor reportedly burst into tears and her supporters helped her to stand. It is said that MLA Malladi Vishnu was also present at the inauguration and he did not help her when she was pushed away. The crowd present at the ceremony were left stunned looking at that.