"Melania Trump Wore A "BJP" Dress"!?

Tue Feb 25 2020 19:12:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Before you get offended, Melania Trump did not show any affiliation towards BJP in her dress. She did not wear any saffron color dress at all.

Rather, she maintained white long gown as her dress code throughout her India visit, till now.

So, what did she wear that made someone on the internet comment,"She wore a "BJP" dress"? She wore a white long gown with lotus flowers embroidered in different colors.

Lotus flowers were stitched in different colors on a plain white background and she looked stunning in it. So, she faced such a comment.

Well, FYI, Lotus is also Indian National Flower. By wearing such a dress, she might have wanted to honor the national flower of India.

She seemed to have researched on the climate before coming here as she maintained dress code that suits the weather in Delhi and Ahmedabad, perfectly.