Metro Rail sends SoS to T government, says incurring Rs 5 crore loss everyday

Thu Nov 25 2021 17:43:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the prestigious Hyderabad Metro Rail in the throes of a massive financial crisis? Is it suffering such huge losses that running it without a bailout package from the government is virtually impossible? This is the sum and substance of the letter written by a key leader of the Hyderabad metro rail.

The letter reportedly claimed that the Metro Rail was suffering a daily loss of up to Rs 5 crore. In the quarter ending September 2021, the Metro Rail has suffered a whopping loss of Rs 144 crore. The sales at the stalls and the food joints too have come down considerably. Not just that. Even the number of commuters has come down drastically.  At this rate, the metro official said that running the services was unviable. He said that unless the government chips in, it would be difficult to run the service.

The Metro official reminded that the Metro rail was built under the Public-Private Partnership model. The builder is the renowned infra company – the L and T company. He reportedly gave complete details about the losses that the L and T was incurring. The letter further says that the Metro authorities have taken these issues to the notice of KCR at a meeting held on September 14.

The letter also reminded that the CM has ordered the constitution of a high-powered committee to address the issues raised by the Metro Rail. However, there is no further development about this, the Metro official said in the letter. Interestingly, the L and T is tight-lipped about the letter. It is neither denying nor confirming about the authenticity of the letter.