Michael Vaughan says Test match was canceled for IPL!

Sat Sep 11 2021 18:34:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The fifth test between India and England that was scheduled to play at Old Trafford was forced to cancel after the Coronavirus created a tense situation in the Indian camp after a staff member tested positive for Coronavirus. However, the decision to cancel the test had a mixed response from the experts and the fans as well.

Former England Cricket team captain Michael Vaughan, who never misses an opportunity to target the Indian team, had said that the decision was to accommodate the IPL which will be resumed soon.

The former skipper added that the decision to cancel the match was taken fearing that the Indian players might catch the Covid and the players don't want the miss the IPL, it is all about the money and Indian Premier League(IPL) he maintained.

The IPL will be resuming in a week and the players will happily play the tournament. Now we know about the virus and the infections can be detected through PCR tests. But India couldn't even field 11 players for the test, he observed.

Calling the test cricket the game of cricket, Vaughan said that canceling the team just one and a half hours before the toss is nothing but disrespecting the public who paid for the tickets to watch the match.

However, his comments and tweet on the fifth match made the Indian fans target him. The fans are trolling him brutally for stepping too low with his statements.