Microsoft Gearing Up To Sack Around 11,000 Employees?

Wed Jan 18 2023 17:47:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

During the Covid outbreak, the Tech giants focused on safeguarding the employees. But things changed rapidly as economic recession, growing expenses, and a decrease in income forced employers to go for layoffs one after the other. A few American firms gave pink slips to employees already.

 Now it's the turn of tech giant Microsoft to lay off the employees. It is said that the company is in plans to sack as many as 11,000 employees due to economic conditions. The company has around 2.20 lakhs and 6,000 employees worldwide and in the UK respectively.

However, the company management is in plans to remove only 5 percent of the total workforce. This translates to around 11,000 employees. Reports say that the layoff exercise might start before announcing the quarterly profits next week.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in his recent interview with CNBC opined that the coming two years might be a testing period for the tech world. His comments added fuel to the opinion that the tech giant might go for layoffs.

It has to be mentioned here that e-commerce giant Amazon laid off 18,000 employees. Cloud Software Provider Salesforce is gearing up to sack more than 7,000 employees. In 2023 around 1600 employees were sacked daily on average.

The tech giants started the laying-off exercise from the start of 2023. By January 15, around 91 companies sacked more than 24,000 employees as per the reports. Reports say that the situation might get even worse in the coming days.