Microsoft Puts an End to the Era of Internet Explorer

Tue Jun 14 2022 17:46:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

American multinational technology corporation Microsoft brought a big revolution around three decades back by launching its web browser Internet Explorer. Having acted as a platform for the users to use the internet, the browser is gearing up to retire giving its user a nostalgic feeling.

Putting an end to an era, the Microsoft company said that it will retire the Internet Explorer. June 15 has been fixed as the last date of its working day as tomorrow marks the last working day of it. In a press release, Microsoft said that the company will support the browser for a few more months.

The Microsoft company brought Internet Explorer in the year 1995 and along with the systems, the user used to get the platforms. In the early 2000s, Internet Explorer started facing big competition from competitors. Later, the competitors took over the market making it tough for Microsoft's platform to sustain itself.

Seeing that competitors are going forward, Microsoft started developing a new platform Microsoft Edge program as a browser. To compete with the other browsers, Microsoft is making sure that it will have the updated and latest features to meet the current trend.

"Internet Explorer mode ('IE mode') is incorporated into Microsoft Edge, allowing you to view older Internet Explorer-based websites and applications directly from Microsoft Edge," the company said.