Indian Short-Video Apps Fearing Reports Of TikTok Returning India

Mon Aug 10 2020 17:40:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Days after the United States President Donald Trump issued orders to ban the US Operations of ByteDance, some media reports claim that Microsoft is making moves to grab the India operations of TikTok.

A popular US daily carried out a story that Microsoft is showing interest to buy the India Operations of TikTok and bring back the video-sharing social networking serving to India.

If the same happens, the local apps that saw massive growth in users and popularity will be affected severely as TikTok has over 100 million active users who shifted to other apps.

Two apps that benefited the most with the Chinese apps ban are Mitron TV and Chingari that works very similarly to TikTok.

The US daily also claimed that with these speculations going rounds the investors are keenly watching the developments and are expected to make a move based on whether Microsoft gets the India operations or not