Mikes Fall Silent In Huzurabad, But Only For Sometime

Thu Sep 16 2021 14:02:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The mikes have fallen silent in Huzurabad these days. Gone are the tumult of the poll campaign and the blaring of the mikes. With the election commission indicating that the bypolls to Huzurabad could be held only in November or December, the political parties have gone low key. The idea is to conserve the energies and resources so that they can be battle ready for November.

Ever since Eatala Rajender fell out with the TRS and resigned from the AP assembly, the things have been on a boil in Huzurabad. Eatala has begun a massive outreach programme covering one area after another. To rein him in, the ruling TRS has roped in its trouble shooter Harish Rao. With this the political scene in Huzurabad hotting up, all the major political parties have begun pumping their resources. Ministers, MLAs of the ruling party began touring the constituency.

Then there was hullabaloo about Dalit Bandhu. The scheme became a sensation and demands began for the implementation of the scheme for other areas and other castes. The government had already released around Rs 20000 crore for the implementation of the scheme. Now all these have suddenly stopped. Now there is a strange silence in Huzurabad.

Political watchers say that though the mikes have fallen silent, the low-key campaign is still on. The leaders are now directing the campaign in a different way. They are now planning a house to house contact. The voters are being contacted and they are being wooed now. The BJP and the TRS sources said that once the poll schedule is announced, the activity will reach a feverish pitch in Huzurabad. Both the parties are readying up the arsenal for the real battle.