Minister Kamalakar responds to alleged video of consuming Gutka

Tue Jul 20 2021 19:10:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ruling TRS Ministers Talasani Srinivas Yadav and Gangula Kamalakar who hold the Cinematography and BC Welfare Ministries respectively became the target of netizens after a video of them sharing something went viral on social media.

Though there is  no confirmation on what the Ministers shared, ths opposition leaders and netizens came down severely on them. The netizens and the opposition leaders came to a conclusion that the Ministers consumed Guthka, which was banned in the state.

More than a week after the controversy, Minister Kamalakar broke his silence on the video. He questioned how he can take the banned substance in front of the media and cameras. If I want to take it, why will I consume it in front of a camera rather than in a closed door atmosphere, he asked.

The Minister made it clear that he don't smoke and consume Gutkha.The video got the unnecessary importance, he opined.

The BC Welfare Minister had also responded to Etela Rajender's claims that a conspiracy is going on to take his life. Saying that he will save Etela Rajender if the claims he made were true and opined that the former Minister's political future will be collapsed.

He accused Etela Rajender of making false allegations. Kamalakar even advised Etela to complain to Union Home Minister Amit Shah in this regard so that people behind this will be arrested.